Institutional Sales

TAG salespeople are consumer sector specialists with deep understanding of the stocks we cover. We have strong relationships with institutional investors across the US and Europe. TAG tailors its sales approach depending on each client’s needs. Our strengths include providing timely and accurate insights, prompt access to management teams and TAG analysts, and investment ideas.


TAG’s team of seasoned and talented traders collectively has over 70 years of experience providing top quality execution for all classes of institutional investors. TAG is positioned to achieve favorable execution derived from trading experience, liquidity resources, sophisticated electronic trading tools, and access to proprietary research generated by our analysts.

The firm has direct access to every ECN and algorithm available street-wide. We can execute single basket and block trading strategies using state-of-the art algorithmic strategies and offer performance customized measurements for profitable trading, including pre- and post- trade analytics. Brokerage services include transition management, equity buy-back solutions, options execution, and international trading. Confidentiality is of the utmost importance and we pride ourselves on entering and exiting positions with minimal market impact.