What Is Company Sponsored Research?

Company Sponsored Research (CSR) helps smaller, under-followed companies reach a broader range of institutional investors to enhance liquidity and market value. It provides under-represented companies the same high-quality research coverage that is common for larger, publicly traded companies. By raising their profile, these companies increase their visibility to actively and passively managed funds that require higher trading volume and market capitalizations.

Why TAG?

Telsey Advisory Group (TAG) is a leading woman-owned consumer-focused equity research, sales and trading, banking, and consulting firm, founded by Dana Telsey, an Institutional Investor-ranked equity research analyst with over three decades of equity research experience. TAG’s highly recognized senior equity research analyst team, comprised of long-tenured, bulge bracket Wall-Street veterans, covers US and international consumer companies. TAG maintains strong relationships with a wide array of institutional investors, including hedge funds, mutual funds, pension plans, and family offices. TAG’s CSR coverage will be consistent with its industry-leading traditional research products.

I’d Like To Learn More

Please send email to: csr@telseygroup.com to get started.