TAG has earned a global reputation for in-depth, contextual research and insights into the consumer sector. Our comprehensive coverage of the consumer universe provides clients with:

  • Access to TAG analysts. Speaking with TAG team members provides insights ranging from broad sector trends to company-specific analysis.
  • Written reports. Company-specific, sector, and industry reports, Daily insights and weekly updates, Earnings previews and reviews, and Thematic reports.
  • Management meetings and non-deal roadshows. We arrange meetings between our clients and C-level management.
  • Weekly channel checks. We gain perspective both through weekly online analysis of merchandise and promotional patterns and physical store tours assessing traffic, markdown rates, inventory levels, and product trends.
  • Interactive financial models. Our interactive and customizable models allow clients to input a variety of financial metrics and see real-time results based on those assumptions.
  • Customized research projects. TAG’s qualitative and quantitative analyses encompass current and historical metrics, sectors, industries, economic indicators, demographic trends, and competitors, merger and LBO analysis, primary field research, and topic-specific research.
  • Executive Insight Series. Clients are invited to attend TAG-hosted conversations with leading private and public consumer industry executives.