Retail Check Up: Restoration Hardware (RH)


The consumer cyclical sector is a thing of fascination in times like these and the results companies have reported over the past 24 months lend plenty of narrative to that picture. So, let’s take a look at home furnishings, but not just any ole home furnishings. Let’s take a look at none other than Restoration Hardware (referred to as RH here on out and with my gratitude to a tipster.)

If patience is a virtue, sign RH enthusiasts up. Telsey Advisory Group’s Cristina Fernandez noted that customers considered the delay in getting their goods still worth the extra wait time. “While RH is seeing delays in bringing in product (particularly from Vietnam, which accounts for 27% of imports), its consumers have been willing to wait, and RH has been able to pass through pricing to offset incremental freight costs,” she writes.

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