From Gently Used Nikes To Rapper-Backed Reeboks, Footwear Moves To Find New Feet

“When you are finished changing, you are finished,” founding father Benjamin Franklin said long before being immortalized on the $100 bill. Two hundred years later, Nike’s newly released sustainability and carbon footprint reduction strategy appears to be embracing that sentiment.

“Nike Refurbish is limited to reselling merchandise returned by consumers within its 60-day return window that is either new, lightly used, or irregular. It is also likely that this could be a more profitable way for Nike to resell returned merchandise that it might have previously disposed of through other channels,” Telsey Advisory Senior Research Analyst Cristina Fernandez said in an email to PYMNTS. “The initiative is starting small at just 15 factory stores, but we expect it to scale over time to include more stores and products,” she added.

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