Dana Telsey and Kimberley Greenberger Detail Their Top Retail Stock Recommendations

The Wall Street Transcript

Dana Telsey is the CEO and Chief Research Officer of Telsey Advisory Group (TAG). Kimberly Greenberger, a Managing Director in Retail Research, joined Morgan Stanley in 2010. These two professional equity analysts recently reviewed the retail stock landscape, exclusively for the Wall Street Transcript, in interviews.

Dana Telsey sees a new era of “supercharged change.” “It’s been a time of what we call supercharged change. One of the things that happened with the pandemic, a lot of the headwinds that were being discussed over the past few years have really been minimized, and to some extent, eliminated, given the force of the pandemic. The headwinds included: Why go to a store? And now, the essential need for a physical store is greater than ever and integrates seamlessly with digital and creates socialization that consumers crave, and drives conversion.

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