Batman Battles Nausea in Virtual Reality


There’s a special feeling you get when you play Bruce Wayne in the Batman: Arkham VR video game. You almost believe you’re tapping the keys of the piano in your stately manor. You have the sensation of being whooshed down to the Bat Cave. With a grapple gun in one hand and batarang in another, you’re ready to take on Gotham City.

Of course, developers aren’t altruistic; they want to sell as many games as possible, an incentive for making the immersive experience palatable. Another hurdle to overcome is the expense of VR gear, with Facebook Inc.’s Oculus Rift going for $599 and HTC Corp.’s Vive for $799. Sony Corp.’s PlayStation VR could be a top seller because it will cost $399, said Joe Feldman, a Telsey Advisory Group analyst. “Stores will have a hard time keeping them in stock.”

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