As US consumers slow down, Walmart is muscling out its competition

Retail Dive

The U.S. consumer may be slowing down, but Walmart is not. The retail giant is notching market share gains by leveraging its massive legacy brick-and-mortar footprint as well as embracing new revenue streams, according to recent research from analysts at various firms. In the process, Walmart is treading on territory previously staked out by Target, Amazon and others.

“In the medium term, Walmart continues to expand its vision beyond retail and e-commerce, with a focus on building a powerful ecosystem globally, including advertising, merchant services, last-mile delivery, health services, and digital payments,” Telsey Advisory Group analysts led by Joseph Feldman said in an August report. “These new elements of the ecosystem are more profitable than traditional retail and collectively should help strengthen Walmart’s relationship with customers and generate profitable market share.”

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