The Future of Food - Emergence of Cultivated Meat & Alternative Proteins

Virtual Meeting

Thursday September 28, 2023

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  • Elliot Swartz, Ph.D., Principal Scientist (Cultivated Meat)
  • Sharyn Murray, CFA, Investor Engagement Manager

TIME: 12:30PM ET


  • Redesigned Food Landscape (Food Revolution 2.0): Understanding the changing food landscape, with the emergence (and market share gain) of alternative proteins and cultivated meat—which is supported by consumers’ preference for regenerative, sustainable, and healthy products.

  • Cultivated Meat on Path to Commercialization: Over the past decade, the cultivated meat industry has raised ~$3B, including $400MM raised by Upside Foods in 2022.

  • Update on Emerging Companies

Please call your TAG salesperson if you have an interest