Thank you for your interest in Telsey Advisory Group. TAG’s mission is to provide the most relevant, timely, and insightful information on the consumer to help our research, trading, investment banking, and consulting clients make informed, strategic investment decisions.

When we formed TAG in 2006, few of us could have foreseen the events that have radically altered the economic and competitive landscape in the United States and around the world. That year we launched equity research coverage of 38 companies in four sectors. Today we cover more than 80 companies in 10 sectors, and we continue to expand our coverage. We have gained a global reputation for our expertise in analyzing consumer markets, trends, and companies. Our knowledge base includes data from TAG’s rigorous channel-checking program.

Our full-service, in-house trading capabilities allow us to assist clients with agency-only, non-conflicted, and anonymous trade execution services, including share buybacks. Our goal is to achieve superior execution thanks to our liquidity resources, sophisticated electronic trading tools, extensive Street-side relationships, and team of seasoned traders.

TAG’s analytics and consulting team is increasingly relied on by private equity, mutual/hedge/sovereign funds, and private and public companies to assist with acquisition due diligence, competitive benchmarking, strategic assessments, white papers, and financial and valuation analyses. We draw on TAG’s primary research capabilities: extensive network of industry contacts, and macroeconomic, qualitative, and quantitative analytical expertise. TAG also has expanded its investment banking practice through participation in IPOs, follow-on equity offerings, share buybacks, and mergers and acquisition transactions. In 2014, we added a debt capital markets team to diversify our investment banking services into fixed income. Since 2012, TAG has participated in 20 equity capital markets transactions totaling over $17bn in capital raised. Since 2014, TAG has participated in 78 debt capital markets transactions totaling over $130bn in capital raised.

TAG has been recognized for our annual consumer conferences, where company executives and industry experts convene to share their perspectives on current operations and business prospects. We also have an extensive annual calendar of non-deal roadshows, permitting our buyside clients to meet with the management teams of our covered companies.

We hope the information on this website introduces you to the services we offer and serves as a portal to the information you seek.

Dana Telsey

CEO & Chief Research Officer