Digital Media & Advertising Executive Lunch Meeting

New York, NY

Wednesday October 11, 2017

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  • Yuri Aguiar, Head of Innovation and Transformation at The Ogilvy Group


Telsey Advisory Group Headquarters


As the Head of Innovation and Transformation at the WPP-owned Ogilvy Group, Mr. Aguiar has witnessed as well as capitalized on the digital media evolution for more than a decade.

Join us to explore trending topics impacting digital media and advertising, including:

  • Digital: Innovation vs disruption? Has the digitization of both consumption and ad delivery helped or hurt the agency business model?
  • FANG effect
    • FB and GOOG: Have measurement and news glitches hurt their negotiating leverage with the agency? Vulnerability to Snap, Yahoo/AOL.
    • AMZN: What does rise in e-commerce mean for ad spending? For CPG clients themselves?
  • NFLX: How valid are NLSN’s and SCOR’s streaming and SVOD viewership measurement techniques?


Yuri Aguiar is the Head of Innovation and Transformation at The Ogilvy Group, the most senior leadership position in the company focused on helping their global corporate clients innovate and transform their businesses by leveraging technology and innovation.

Prior to this position, Mr. Aguiar was the Strategic Portfolio Director on the leadership team at WPP Coretech. In this role, he built a portfolio of global technology investments, working with Ogilvy’s Operating Group CIOs to manage these technology investments and delivery across businesses.

Mr. Aguiar also served as CIO of Ogilvy worldwide for six years and CTO of Ogilvy worldwide for five years, running concurrently. Over his 18-year stint as a global leader in business technology, he prides himself in leading teams of independent thinkers that challenge the status quo. Mr. Aguiar also has a Masters in Digital Marketing.

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